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Oppenheimer Fri/Mon to Thurs 2:25 pm
Problemista Fri Sun Tues Thurs 7:00 pm / Sat Mon Wed 3:15 pm
Love Lies Bleeding Sat Mon Wed 5:15 pm
The American Society of Magical Negroes Fri Sun Tues Thurs 5:15pm
American Fiction Sat Mon Wed 5:25 pm
Argylle Sun 2:25 pm / Thurs 5:25 pm
Bob Marley: One Love Fri Sun Tues Thurs 3:15 pm / Sat Mon Wed 7:00 pm
Unsinkable Sat Mon Wed 7:25 pm
Exhuma Sun Mon Wed 9:00 pm / Tues Thurs 10:30 pm
Late Night with the Devil  Sat Tues Thurs 9:00 pm
Poor Things Fri Sun Tues Thurs 7:25 pm / Sat Mon Wed 9:15 pm
Imaginary Sat Mon Wed 9:35 pm
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