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Kingsway Theatre Schedule starting Friday December 01  to Thursday December 07

12:45 pm Cat Video Fest 2023 (Sat Sun)

1:30 pm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Sat Sun) 

2:00 pm Oppenheimer (daily) 

3:10 pm Barbie (Fri Sun Tues Thurs) 

3:10 pm Spirited (Sat Mon Wed) 

5:00 pm After Death (Fri Sun Tues Thurs)

5:00 pm Journey to Bethlehem (Sat Mon Wed) 

5:15 pm Haunting in Venice (Fri) 

5:15 pm Orlando My Political Philosophy (Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed) 

5:15 pm Fingernails (Thurs) 

7:00 pm Fallen Leaves (daily)

7:10 pm Spirited (Fri Sun Tues Thurs) 

7:10 pm Barbie (Sat Mon Wed) 

8:30 pm Oppenheimer (Sat to Thurs) 

9:15 pm Silent Night Deadly Night 35mm (Fri) 

9:15 pm The Nun II (Fri) 

9:15 pm The Creator (Sat Tues) 

9:15 pm Saw X (Sun Thurs) 

9:15 pm Freelance (Mon) 

9:15 pm Exorcist: The Believer (Wed) 


(Watch for the Kingsway Theatre TV Spots on Late Night CHCH 11)
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